Privacy Policy for Guardian

App Name: Guardian

Developer: RND Labs (Pty) Ltd


This Privacy Policy describes the handling of user data by Guardian for Android and explains more specifically what information we collect and why. We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and to handling your personal data confidentially.

App Purpose:

To identify potential malware or suspicious activity that may result in unauthorised subscription services and enabling a user to take immediate corrective action by removing the app where the suspicious activity had originated from.

Guardian scans the device regularly for known apps from updated lists where suspicious activity has occurred.  When enabled by a user (and where the feature is available on a user’s Mobile Network Operator) Guardian will use real-time detection in the form of a VPN to monitor the device for suspicious activity whilst on mobile data. The VPN is disabled automatically when the device is on WIFI.

Required permission settings

    • Read Phone State (Make and Manage Phone Calls) – required to determine app mobile data usage
    • Telephony Manager – required to determine the MSISDN/IMEI for a GSM phone (for subscription purposes)
    • Usage Data Access – required to access data pertaining to usage of other apps on device
    • HTTPS certificate installation – required to enable a VPN to monitor mobile data usage in real time

Processed data

    • The app name, app package name, app version and event details where malicious or suspicious activity was detected.
    • Guardian does not process any personally identifiable data and does not combine the processed data with any personal information.


Improve security awareness about new threats and their sources and to continuously improve your security protection level and to optimize testing methods and reduce the number of false positives when checking for suspicious activity on devices.

Data Transferring and Sharing

Data is forwarded to Guardian servers for analysis, verification and processing purposes over a secure channel.

For subscription licensing the following information is also provided:

The name of provider of subscription services and the ID of the provider’s subscription system, current subscription status ID, the subscription end date, trusted period license flag.

Data is forwarded to:


    • ID of the event with respect to which data is submitted;
    • Unique ID of the user of Google services (subscription services)
    • Application analytics

Access to information and its protection thereof is governed by the relevant terms of use of Firebase services.


Optimize testing methods and reduce the number of false positives when checking for installed applications and downloaded files

RND Labs reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time

If you would like to: access, amend or delete any information we have or should you wish to register a complaint, or simply want more information please contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at or: PO Box Address: Suite 19 Private Bag X2 Pinegowrie 2123


Guardian scans your phone to identify malware threats that may result in unauthorised subscription services. It enables you to take immediate corrective action by removing the app where threat originated from.

Basic Protect – Regularly scans your phone for known suspicious apps (Available on all Networks)

Real-time Protect – Uses real-time detection to monitor your phone for suspicious activity (Available for Vodacom and Cell C customers only)

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